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Michael Gordon | Woodland Hills, CA

Prospecting Workshop

Learn to avoid hang-ups, reach decision-makers and engage prospects using Sandler's proven no-pressure prospecting format.

Are you frustrated with...

  • Prospecting and not achieving satisfactory results?
  • Fighting call reluctance?
  • Not having a dependable, reliable, Prospecting Plan?
  • Your prospects not returning your calls?
  • Getting through to Decision Makers?
Prospecting notebook

You will learn...

  • Best practices for prospecting
  • How to create a cookbook that delivers consistent results
  • How to set SMARTER Goals
  • How to conquer call reluctance
  • How to ask for and get referrals
  • Stress free cold calling (yes, it still works)
  • 30 second commercial creator
  • How to track and improve your prospecting over time

Presented by...

Michael Gordon, Los Angeles, CA Pic

Michael Gordon

Michael brings over 15 years of real-world sales, training, coaching and management experience ranging from seed stage technology startups to fortune 1000 companies. Michael was first exposed to Sandler Sales Training in 2012. It had an immediate impact on his personal production and he continued to use the methodologies to train and mentor sales reps in a number of different roles across a number of companies in the technology space.

As a Sandler Training center owner, he helps corporate clients and sales professionals achieve higher levels of success through training, coaching and ongoing reinforcement.


Wednesday, August 12, 9a-1p

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